Can A College Gossip Site Be Forced To Turn Off The Juice?

Apr 19, 2012

When I became a writer, I started and then I stopped working a story on bullying. I felt that readers would not be sympathetic with a male main character who was the butt of abuse, practical jokes and malicious innuendos. After reading about a college site called JuicyCampus and taking a look at comments on the site, I felt glad that I never wrote the story, yet I felt bad that students now take the time to bully others -- and not necessarily classmates - on the Internet.
JuicyCampus is very much like a celebrity gossip site except there are no paparazzi; no editors to protect the reporters and publisher from libel suits, because there are no reporters at all; and, the "celebrities" are unsuspecting college students. But unlike real celebrities who have armies of lawyers to protect them from possible libel, unsuspecting college students have no resources or recourse when they have been humiliated on the site.
I don't know what's worse: the people who would post malicious comments under a cloud of anonymity with little or nothing to gain, or the site owners who are trying to profit from them. This site has posted extraordinarily high traffic ranks since late February -- it ranks among the top 4,600 sites visited by U.S. viewers - because of the posts and negative publicity. Alexa, which tracks traffic and site rankings, showed huge spikes in traffic during this period. The site is brutally slow and not especially user-friendly, no doubt because the servers are struggling to handle the traffic, which has partly spiked as a result of student anxiousness and fear.
The site owners have written an interesting privacy statement; they claim that it won't be possible for others to learn a poster's identity and volunteer that cloaking devices are available if a poster is concerned that their IP address will be tracked. They do not require students to register, or attempt to collect registration information, so no one, including the site owners themselves, knows who posted what. While that makes for "juicy" content, it's also encouraging cowardly and destructive behavior that divides a college community.
But I agree with the college technology managers who have commented on JuicyCampus: there is little a school can do to prevent access to the site. Even if a college technology team could flag it and block access from the school's computers, students could not be prevented from visiting it on their own desktops and laptops. It may take legal or economic action instead.
The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and the state's Attorney General are investigating whether JuicyCampus violates consumer fraud laws: investigators want to know how the site owners select featured colleges -- there are only 61 listed and posters do not need to be a student at any particular school, verifies that users are over 18 and responds to complaints. Among the 61 schools are two of the military service academies and three institutions: Bob Jones, Brigham Young and Notre Dame that are known for their religiosity; at all five schools, such malicious posts would be heavily frowned upon.
It will be interesting to learn the outcome of this investigation, as well as any possible judicial verdict that may arise from it. I doubt that a site like JuicyCampus would display the current content if it were forced to collect registrations, or change its privacy policy to work in cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement and legal counsels hired by colleges, students and parents.
In the meantime, student groups have asked their classmates to boycott JuicyCampus. Such boycotts will make more students aware of the problems of the site and pressure JuicyCampus not to add their school to their list.
But they will also draw more traffic to the site, and that may give its owners what they want: traffic that leads to high advertising revenues. As I previously mentioned, the site follows the business model of a celebrity gossip magazine.
The best solution might be to hit the site's owners in the wallet. Two online advertising services: Google's and AdBright have already canceled their relationships with JuicyCampus. It may be a good idea for the colleges and their student governments to take their case to the rest of the online advertising community.
If two advertising services have gone thumbs-down, others are likely to follow.
(Originally published at Educated Quest blog and reprinted with the author's permission).
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Celebrity Blog - Buzz, Hype And Every New About Stars

Apr 18, 2012

Celebrity Blogs is a source of online entertainment that offers celebrity gossip, celebrity photos, or latest Celeb news; be it Hollywood or Bollywood. They also provide current scoop on their day to day lifestyle. The net is simply loaded with all sorts of news, views and blogs. One can easily get lost in the sea of information without realizing which is true and which is not. Ever wondered why every one is so after the celebrity news and celebrity Blogs? Read on to find why..
We are so inspired of our celebrities. We love them; we hate them and want to find every single detail about them. Really, we simply can't get enough of them. We admire them to a limit that we want to follow them and their style to perfection. It is probably the reason why paparazzi are getting wide spread. But have we ever taken time to wonder what impact our wishes and desires have on the lives of celebrities? It is about time, my friend, about time.
We have seen so many cases of celebrities creating a hype and stir using fake news pieces and ultimately gaining from the situation by getting popular on a Celebrity blog. But there also have been incidents in which celebrities have broken down completely and their careers have ruined because of some irresponsible people. People are in so much awe of their celebrities and stars that they will do anything to hear about the latest gossips, their affairs, break ups, children and anything they say or do in private.
They are ready to go to any limits to simply get a glimpse of their beloved stars. The newspapers and magazines are cashing on the public's interest. Their journalists pester the stars. They can publish any false piece of story to increase their sales. But, how do you think we can change this situation? By reaching for the truth behind the headlines. This is the common responsibility of the readers and the journalists as well.
The first step to ensure this is to disregard all the false sensational news which is being promoted for personal and selfish gains. Be it the celebrities, the newspapers and magazines or even the bloggers on net. Turn to the sites which report the best celebrity news with truth element in them. Oh! And you really don't need the flowery and fancy words. Truth, my friend is what always prevails.
Blogging with responsibility and truth is what we preach and appreciate. It is what in the end actually makes the difference. Finding and locating the real news and expressing your views truthfully are sooner or later going to make a difference and truth always attracts. Let the celebrity blogs, be simply them selves, and don't let your blogs being used for the un-deserved gain of others. Originality is also essential; and so is the style to charm the readers.
So, visit all the sites providing true and unique celebrity news and blog to all your heart content there. After all, it is your right to read and write as freely as possible, but responsibly.
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Know more about celebrities with online magazines

Apr 17, 2012

Magazines are journal that are released every month and are purchased widely. There is a huge demand for magazines in the market whether it is sports magazine, entertainment magazine, business magazine and many more. Reading magazine is a good spare time activity when alone and keeps you busy for a long time. Initially women were more associated with the magazine because they access details on cooking, beauty tips, accessories etc. Nowadays men are also interested in reading magazines like sports, business etc. Over the time magazines have proved that they are not only entertaining but they also provide necessary information almost on every matter.
Celebrity magazines are most common magazine which is most demanding in the market. Celebrity magazine covers all the information about the celebrity like their upcoming movies, their relationships, about wearing, fashion tips etc. every month or every week celebrity magazine covers the latest celebrity new from Hollywood to bollywood. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, beauty advice and celebrity latest fashion trends.
There are magazines on celebrity that keeps you updated about the glamour world and give you every detail about celebrities. Gossip lovers can pick up magazines which are based on celebrity which speaks more about the lives of celebrities and rumors that are being passed around. Buy celebrity magazine every month for few gossips is wastage of money and wastage of time. Instead of buying celebrity magazines from the retailers, you can read online celebrity magazine.
Celebrity online magazines are easily accessible at all the time. You can access these magazines 24 hour a day and 7 days a week. These online magazines can save your money as well as time also. You did not need to rush at magazines retailers shop. Celebrity online magazine keeps updated everything about the celebrity.
Octanmen is one of the leading celebrity online magazine which give all information about the glamour world and celebrities.
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Jennifer Lopez in a celebrity news-singer and actress both!

Apr 16, 2012

Celebrities are the icons for their fans and followers. Their efforts, their skills and talents give them fame and success. Indeed they ride the wave of popularity. And yes, it's only because of their admirers and fans that celebrities enjoy stardom. Fans go mad after them. Their love for their favorites makes them follow celebrity gossips, read celebrity news and search for the hot and happening celebrity pictures.
No doubt celebrities are the most sought after personalities. But they don't achieve this success overnight. Jennifer Lopez, too is not an exception. It will certainly be interesting to see how her career as a singer as well as an actor bloomed and also to note some exciting facts in her life.
Jennifer Lopez is a name that will seldom need any introduction. Proven her mettle as an American actress, singer, dancer, producer and a fashion designer, Lopez has been ranked as the richest among the Latin Americans in Hollywood. Every day you will find something about this star in the celebrity gossip sections in print or on electronic media. Lopez is one the most hunted celebrities for her photos. And as far the celebrity news about Jennifer are concerned, let me tell you, almost every day you will find something about her hitting the headlines.
Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in Castle Hill which lies in the neighborhood of Bronx, New York. She has a nickname "La Guitarra" meaning a guitar shaped body. She was raised a Roman Catholic and was taught in Catholic schools. Apart form her contribution to the American entertainment industry; her advocacy for human rights and vaccination and her work for the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles contribute in her popularity as one of the influential celebrities in America.
Lopez entered the musical theatre as a child. My Little Girl was actually her film debut at the age of 16; but it proved a regular washout. It was in "In Living Color", a television sketch comedy series that she was spotted out as a talented dancing star. "Second Chances," a television drama, truly was a second chance for her to introduce herself as a talented actress and she proved herself so.
In 1995, her film came "Money Train" in which she shone along with other celebrities like Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. And thus Lopez secured her on place in the pages of celebrity news. Then followed a few movies like Mi Familia, Blood and Wine, and Jack with Jennifer getting smaller roles. 1997 brought her a lead role in Selena, where she played a slain tejano singer. Then Lopez went on attaining the dizzy heights of eminence.
"Out of Sight" made pots of money in 1998 in which Lopez co-starred opposite George Clooney. No one could stop her now. Lopez became one of the highly sought after celebrities by paparazzi. By becoming the highest paid Hollywood actress having a Latin American origin, Jennifer reached another milestone. She could be seen in all the newspapers and magazines among the hot celebrity pictures.
Lopez, essentially a singer, went back to her musical roots and made her debut as a pop singer in an album "On the 6" that sold like hot cakes. Amongst many more from the album "If You Had My Love" literally mesmerized the audience. Lopez became more popular with her diminutive J. Lo since 2001. In 2002 Jennifer released yet another sensation called "J to tha L-O: The Remixes" and "This is Me... Then" The latter came up with yet another hit single "Jenny from the Block"
Celebrities and controversies are synonymous. Jennifer, too, indulged in a glamorous romance with Ben Affleck that caught the eye of many. She married singer Mark Anthony in2005 and released her next album called Rebirth. Como Ama una Mujer came in 2007. In October 2007 Lopez released a 'traditional' sort of an album called Brave and then set out on an accompanying tour.
Well, this was a general overview of Jennifer Lopez's flourishing career both as an actress and a singer. If you are interested in some happening celebrity pictures of Lopez, you will get them in plenty on our website.
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Celebrity Fashion Event

Apr 15, 2012

Who is your star of favorite cinema or a television star? You have asked yourself which is its personal life was like? If you have, you are not definitively only. Apparently, million of us we are interested in knowing the last news or cotilleos on the most popular stars today. Apart from which it is leaving with that, much attention also talks about in celebrity fashion. Many people, especially the adolescents, the desire of which can get dressed and have one of their favorite celebrities. Whereas this feeling is very common, also it leaves many other questions why.
When one is to explain the event of the celebrity fashion, it is difficult to find a single answer of why he is so popular. Different individuals like seeing themselves and getting dressed like famous personages for different reasons. In essence, nevertheless, there is a idealismo sense on celebrities, that are living a life that the rest of us only could dream. The celebrities we are like our alter-ego, would like to be so beautiful and popular and seem that if we have what we have, we are more about obtaining our dream.
There is a so popular and well-known disadvantage to be nevertheless. Many celebrities cannot leave their houses with which it is clear or followed by paparazzi wherever they go. This it seems to be the price of the fame. Nevertheless, every day the people who wish that their followers were own ventilator or were as popular as their favorite star. In spite of getting dressed certain way or taking a purse it is certain not necessarily guarantees that you they make more popular, some people, as much men as women, deliver great attacks to be seen in the last tendencies fashionable for celebrity fashion.
In the last years, the celebrities have been made known very well by their choices of fashion. In fact, some celebrities seem to be famous by not much more that! Deliveries of prizes have become everything on the fashion and all the stars that walk by the red carpet asked " Who are you wearing?" A blow important is considered to have its designs used by hotter stars of today. And surprising, cheap copies of the suits used in these programs are available to buy in the 24 hours of the show that was transmitted.
To find celebrity gossip and the information is more and more easy. It can invest in the television and see the program of last celebrities the news or view in the cover of a magazine of gadgets. But until now the greater source of the news and celebrity gossip is the Internet and has exactly thousand of sites dedicated to that intention.
Although some could see the events of the celebrity fashion like a sickly obsession, in fact is really nothing of bad in staying to the day with the latest in celebrity fashion. What there is to remember nevertheless, is that because sees or in a celebrity, it does not only mean necessarily that the same is seen or in you. Whereas in the adolescence it is possible to be left with the use of practically any thing, if you are in his 20s, 30s and further on still and to follow completely without information the last tendency of the fashion irrespective of whether she adapts to his form of the body, is possible that it wishes to return to examine his habits of the fashion.
In addition, really they want to be seen using something that is clear right away as a certain mark and that a great amount of other people also takes? After having style it is much more that only its clothes and that are important to dress a way that really adapts not only its body but also its style of life and its race.
The price is another subject. Many celebrities are limitless financial resources what the cost of accessories of dressing and the fashion are not a problem for them, but is possible for you. By all means, you can dress like a celebrity if you want, but is necessary to remember that the celebrity fashion change regularly. He does not have sense to go to the bankruptcy being tried to payhottest, tendency that can last a few weeks.
In summary, whereas the events of the celebrity fashion, is not of shorter term, you you must approach with caution. The fame and the fortune not always the good taste of equality, reason why always to choose the clothes and the accessories that are flattering for the appropriate body and for their style of life.
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What Is A Celebrity?

Apr 14, 2012

A celebrity is generally someone who is famously recognised by a wide number of people in a society or culture. In a media society, fame is usually generated by the media however; sometimes people can become famous even if they don't go into the media directly. A celebrity is someone who gets a lot of media attention and therefore, they generally have an extroverted personality. It is thought that the word 'celebrity' is usually associated with the celebrated; however, celebrities are not always portrayed in a positive light. A controversial story about their private life can see them defamed, for example an affair or violent behaviour can change the public perception of them as a person. Take Chris Brown as an example. Celebrities can also be restored back to fame by good behaviour. This is the fickle and fragile nature of the world of celebrity.
All sorts of people can become celebrities and they can achieve celebrity status via a wide range of ways. For some their profession can boost their status, actors and actresses are immediately rocketed into fame. Others may have a famous or wealthy family, like Paris Hilton for example, and make themselves famous by making appearances in the mass media and creating their own brands of consumer products. For some it is their looks that get them media attention. If you are a beautiful young girl then lots of people will want to take your photo, get you to walk in their fashion show or use your face to market their product and you will quickly become known in the media. Some people are just lucky and become famous by complete luck, even if they don't have any particular talent. Some people may become infamous rather than famous in the media. This means that they have gained notoriety from a negative incident or reputation. This is different from fame as fame usually focuses on positive achievements or talents. For example, most celebrities are likeable but even these so called 'non-likeable' celebrities who are infamous often have charisma that makes them interesting, therefore they continue to get media attention.
Some people can become instant celebrities meaning that they are thrust into the limelight in a very short space of time and expected to adapt accordingly. This can often happen when members of the public participate in reality TV programmes such as 'Big Brother.' The reality of this type of fame is that it is usually short-lived. There are a few exceptions that do make their fame last, Jade Goody for example, but in most cases they are forgotten very quickly. Ever wonder what Stuart and Michelle from BB5 are up to these days? No, neither does anyone else. These sorts of people, who achieve a small amount of transient fame through hype or mass media, are stereotyped as a B-grade celebrity.
The 21st century has seen a rise in the public's fascination for celebrities and an insatiable appetite for celebrity gossip. As a response to this change there has also been an increase in gossip columnists, tabloids, paparazzi and celebrity bloggers. Today's technology means that the scope and scale of the media industries is huge. We can watch and read about our favourite celebrities in a wide range of different mediums.
The public's fascination with celebrity has also extended to memorabilia. Nowadays, more and more people are collecting pieces of memorabilia signed by their favourite celebrity and sometimes it can be hard to know if what you are buying is really genuine. Genuine Memorabilia is a family run business that has been collecting autographs and signed memorabilia for over 30 years. They boast a collection of over 6,000 signed pieces from celebrities from the world of sport, film, TV, music and politics.
For more information visit Genuine Memorabilia to browse through the collection.
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